What Is Art?!

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Aaaah, halloooo gorgeous, sacred living women and men!

My podcast today is probably the one I’ve been most excited and also nervous about sharing: really delving deep into the Truth about Art, and the Truth about our Divine Co-Creative capacity, is hard in today’s climate of suppression-of-all-things! Our very language is very distorted – in many ways is full-inverted – so expression around what our True Nature is, can easily be lost in type. Hence, living voice, spontaneous sharing and flow of vitality in the right everymoment – this seems the best way!

The video can be watched via 3Speak.tv, where I share videos uncensored on the Hive.blog social network. You can also listen to the voice-only podcast via Aureal – also on the Hive.blog blockchain.

Or tune in here:

podcast :What Is Art? – part I

I’ll be sharing much more on this vast mystical subject via my Patreon very soon…

The Co-Creation Sessions

Our Co-Creative Sessions have moved to Zoho rather than Jitsi – it’s more stable and clear! We meet twice every Wednesday – 11 am and 4 pm Rome, Italy time… painting, writing, composing, playing, exploring, sewing…

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Blessings and Great Love to you!

What Is Woman?

image taken by myself at il Giardino Dei Tarocchi, Capalbio

Blessed Friend!

Here’s my latest podcast: it’s one of a series on the subjects of my new website heading: What Is Woman? – and I’ll be sharing privately longer deeper dives into the subject only on my Patreon, as these are sensitive transmissions and not for everyone!

This is a particular podcast: going deep into the question of what we even ARE as Woman. It is part one of a two part – even deeper dive – into the subject. Part two of this vocal essay will be presented on my Patreon only. It will be followed soon by a series on What Is Art? and What Is Sex?

The Co-Creation Sessions

Our Co-Creative Sessions have moved to Zoho rather than Jitsi – it’s more stable and clear! For the time being, we have space for up to 10 beautiful creatives… If you’d like to get access to the links to join, contact me directly: I send them out – for now – via my mailing list and Signal App.

Blessings and Great Love to you!

the alchemy of our second skin

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Beautiful Soul Friend,

I’ve been in a bit of a hietus these past two weeks – immersed fully in gardening and in deconstructing and reconstructing this sweatercoat – inspired by Katwise’s glorious creations! As you’ll hear/ see from my podcast below, it has been a powerful experience…

click image to view video on 3Speak
alchemy and second skin podcast, which will also be uploaded later today on Aureal and Anchor.fm
click to watch video on 3Speak

This is the first time in many, many years that I’ve made a garment just for myself: purely, indulgently, pleasure-fully my own second skin. This brought up a lot of feeling about contraction and limitations imposed (by myself ultimately!) on me, and helped open a whole new area of sovereignty and self-expression: the moment when I put the coat on and it actually fitted, was a potent alchemical gateway….


Our sessions are evolving! We all felt that it might be exciting to also embrace other materials, to interweave our multiple talents, disciplines and projects – so beginning this week – every Wednesday at 11 am and 4 pm Rome, Italy time, we’ll be opening up also to sewing, music, writing, and any other practise that will fit into our Jitsi meeting room! See/ hear/ feel you there.

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Our Duty Of Care vs The Perceived ‘right’ To Ignore-ance


Part 3 of the Notice To All Living Women and Men

Ciao Beautiful Soul Friend,

In this video/ podcast I’m speaking to the nature of our duty of care to each and every one – and remedying the challenges in these times, of staying connected in loving harmony (and living relationship) with those who are locked into agenda, projection, restrictive realities…

Listen via Aureal here

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Many blessings to you!



Most Beautiful Soul Friend,

Here is a video post – linked to my blog yesterday I’ll add podcast-only links later today… I’m speaking to our current ‘health’ ‘crisis’ (which is very much not what we are being told it is) and the remedy of this model proceeding of the Grand Jury. 

You may also listen via Anchor.fm and Aureal decentralised platforms to the podcast – without the video.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME – the Grand Jury sessions – which are long and very, very dense with revelation, especially if one looking at it has not been exposed to much truth throughout this scam-demic – I would like to recommend to at least watch THE OPENING STATEMENTS – they’re only an hour and a half long.

ALL the evidence and facts in these hearings ARE ABSOLUTELY VITAL TO OUR STOPPING THIS GENOCIDAL PROGRAMME which is already well underway. Again, if you – or someone you know – is unable to commit hours of their life to listening to it all, YOU MUST WITNESS DR BRYAN ARDIS – who speaks on Day 3 of the Grand Jury, from around 2 hrs 15 onwards. He speaks about particular aspects of the euthenising of souls through knowing use of mortally dangerous medicines, then blaming it on covid… especially in e.g. New York hospitals and UK retirement homes. I cannot even write what he says about the current protocols being very aggressively pushed on NEWBORN BABIES, on top of the testing of them as soon as they’re out of the womb (with covid ‘tests’ that are well known to NOT be diagnostic tools, and in fact are known to be causing great health damage)… 

Or watch John O’Looney the English funeral director from 3 hrs 20 mins – he gives the most potent eye-witness testimony to what has been happening both in funeral homes and in hospitals.

Looking very much forward to being in the studio with you, in our weekly painting sessions

Blessings, courage and LOVE,


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Beautiful Friends and Blessed Folks Supporting my Work,

As you may know if you’ve seen my sharings up to now, I have a wholistic and panoramic view of Natural Health: my life and work have been passionately engaged with healing and well-being on every level – as a sovereign living woman, and as part of a Universal Co-Creative One-ness which includes all living men and women, and all things on- and beyond-Gaia-Sophia.

As a conscious and co-creative woman, I’ve been deeply immersed in studies around WHAT THE NATURE OF LIFE IS for most of my years, and never more-so than these past two years, where I’ve invested thousands of hours conversing, reading, debating, passionately expressing Truth.

This all led naturally to the work of the Corona Investigation Committee, and Reiner Fuellmich and Vivian Fischer’s crystal-clear contributions to the challenging labyrinth in which we find ourselves…

Having waited patiently for a holistic discourse of sufficient merit and weight to really get behind, I’m sharing the following links to what I know to be The Great Medicine for Humanity.

This is a global MODEL PROCEEDING for the enlightenment of all as to both how the current world ‘health’ ‘crisis’ was orchestrated in great detail, and how it can now be remedied.

The Grand Jury website: https://www.grand-jury.net/

Like many other consciously-healthy living women and men, I’ve been doing everything I can to alert folks to the dangers of mask-wearing, being terrorised by ‘authority’, taking dangerous and life-threatening jabs (without looking even at the ingredients) and submitting to testing and surveillance indefinitely.

I appreciate from all my efforts, how incredibly difficult it can be to communicate fully the complexity of this situation in which humanity finds itself. Navigating the research is something that switches most folks off at the initial click or short clip; it’s too big, too intertwined, too organic and moving.

Be assured; it is designed to be so.

Here, in the Grand Jury, are the facts, the science, the censored experts, the clear minds and open hearts, the right information – long and deep as it is – to inform and to free humanity.

DAY 1 ENGLISH: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-1-EN:0
DAY 1 GERMAN: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-1-DE:a

DAY 2 ENGLISH: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-Day-2-online_1:f
DAY 2 GERMAN: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-Tag-2-online:b

DAY 3 ENGLISH: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-Day-3-en-online:7
DAY 3 GERMAN: https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f/Grand-Jury-Tag-3-de-ok:b

The trial is presently in Day 3 of 6 days… The next session will air live on the 19th February:


Financial Destruction

Eugenics + closing arguments and outlook

As Reiner Fuellmich states in the opening hearing, this is not a trial to ‘save’ humanity, though we are able to contribute as jury and opinion. But it is a model hearing, that we all need to take back to our own lives and cities/ villages/ countries, and present to our co-creative women and men.

Nobody in ‘authority’ is going to fix this for us – because almost all ‘authority’ is wholly focussed on the agenda: this is for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US to LOOK AT, DIGEST, FULLY COMPREHEND, AND TO ACT RIGHTLY ON.

Though there is no easy path forward, our Way into Right-Alignment with Natural Law, Real Health, Sovereignty and Empowerment is very simple, very deeply satisfying and healing, and precisely what we’ve all been craving for all our lives!

I urge each and every one of us to listen in, share widely, start talking with neighbours and family, colleagues and ‘authorities’. Once the veil is lifted, the world is a very different (MUCH better!) place, I guarantee that much!

Blessings and Love, Light and Courage, Merit Gained to You All,





Beautiful Friend,

How can we cultivate courage, in a world where we’re being rewarded like dogs for doing what we’re told, even when it makes us miserable?!

Can we shift our compulsion to obey in return for crumbs, and instead follow our hearts and unfold our sovereign heaven-on-earth?!

This is a podcast around how we take back courage – how necessary this is to our freedom and dignity, our health and well-being… Courage isn’t an external behaviour; it is aligned Being.

When we are activated in our embodied Knowing, we move forward regardless of what appears to be ‘holding us back’. The fear, the threat of retaliation, the authority coercing us, our doubting our capacity to succeed – all of this melts away, and we simply step forward methodically into more harmony, more peace, more health, more pleasure and fulfilment:

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the wild swim, painting from 2015 (private collection)

Beautiful Friend,

I’ve been stalling on this big podcast for a couple of weeks! I was questioning ‘do I have the authority to speak about pleasure’?? And of course, delving into that question, it revealed my conditioning – of pleasure being something that is regulated or authorised by external forces, rather than Pleasure being an embodied – internal – Knowing.

So the recording of this sharing was a powerful expansive exercise for me, in Trusting my own Pleasure: in Knowing it by embodying it, in letting words caress and flow naturally – the ‘unadulterated’ joy of speaking my vibrating Truth, without restriction, fear, tension… Enjoy!

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today I felled a tree


Ciao Soul Friend,

Today I finally felled this beautiful acacia, which when cut into logs will mean a lot of blessed firewood for my stove.

It took many days to cut – not full days, but multiple sessions of sawing and axing, checking and being care-full… sitting down and listening… and then the final push this afternoon, which was perfectly aligned with wind, weight of tree, my positioning, tipping point, length of fallen tree, etc, etc

I’m speaking in this podcast around how a challenge like this can be a profound experience of holistic growth – rather than a strenuous transactional activity.

today I felled a tree… audio-only version

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Our true health and our spiritual vitality come from approaching tasks like this in reverence and gratitude, courage and embodied wisdom, so that we may reap the riches of not just the resouces, but all kinds of other enrichment, too…

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Blessings and Life to you!